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The beginning of a new fantasy epoch from debut author, Kaden Love.

Forced to appease the policies of a foreign fiefdom, Phenmir must do the harvest organs from infants.

Ten years ago, a new generation of children began to manifest abilities from the gods. Now, nearly half of the continent has chosen to graft these organs into adults, granting them their powers.

Phenmir will no longer participate, but can he repent his sin before all morality is lost?

Meanwhile, Aerhee will give all to preserve the process of harvesting, silencing those who oppose her people

Will this land of peace resort to the barbaric practice of war? In a battle of preservation and progression, there can only be one victor.

Elegy Of A Fragmented Vineyard HB - Numbered (Kaden Love)

  • Publisher: Svetling Press
    ISBN: 9798989691227
    Number of pages: 432
    Weight: 803g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm

    Signed & Numbered 
    Limited To 100 Copies

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