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A year after the battle to save the Spirit Realm and restore the natural order, Throldon is finally rebuilding. But while everyone else moves on with their lives, Fae remains trapped in the day she gave her powers — and her life — to defeat a broken god.

When the fledgling Council of the Races receives news that threatens their fragile peace, and Fae finds herself surrounded by strangers, she must find a way to reclaim her magic, or risk losing everything… and more.

Far to the south, deep in the bowels of the Brotherhood’s Sanctum, Jade’s life is ruled by blood. Hers, and that of the others held captive there. When the Brotherhood’s true plans are revealed, she must do whatever it takes to free them all. Even if it kills her.

An army marches. The earth trembles. And they are all running out of time.


Spiritchild Book 2

Earthchild (Danielle Lauren)

  • ISBN: 9781739741020
    Number of pages: -
    Dimensions: 163 x 242 x 41 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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