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North, is where the battle will take place.North, is where Farden must go.But to death, to glory, or to both?


The Arka have chosen their champion, and now he must lead them to the top of the world - The Spine, where the black mountains belch fire, and where the battle against cataclysm will take place upon the ice.As they travel north in a warship clad in iron, the Krauslung they leave behind is crumbling. Not under the onslaught of the girl and her daemons, but from within, under the force of greed and poisonous ambition. It seems there are too many battles to fight.Now, with the Sirens silent, the frozen north in uproar, and the responsibility mounting, Emaneska's champion must face a choice. Can he tread the tunnels of Hel to save the world? To save a woman more ghost than alive? To claim the armour he has always longed for? For salvation lies in the hands of a Knight fifteen-hundred years dead, and in the red-gold armour of a certain mage.Salvation lies with Scalussen.




Dead Stars: Part Two.  (Ben Galley)

  • The Written

    Pale Kings

    Dead Stars: Part One

    Dead Stars: Part Two

  • Publisher: 
    ISBN: 9780956770080 
    Number of pages: 546 
    Weight: 687 g 
    Dimensions: 216 x 140 x 30 mm


    Signed Bookplate Edition

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