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A murdered diplomat, planted evidence and a treacherous sister: once again, Helga had better find the real killer quickly, before heads start rolling - literally - in this brand-new Viking noir mystery.


'For Vikings done right, come to Snorri Kristjansson' Mark Lawrence, author of Red Sister


Helga Finnsdottir left her foster parents, the old Viking chieftain Unnthor Reginson and his knowing wife Hildigunnur, to see the world, but she stopped in Uppsala when she fell in love. Now she's established herself as a local healer and herb-woman on the outskirts of town, and life is good - until King Eirik the Victorious calls a trade council and hairy northerners and southern Swedes alike descend on the town.


Unfortunately for Helga, one delegation is headed by a very determined young woman who has her own agenda and will let nothing - and no one - get in her way. But the last time Helga saw Jorunn Unthorsdottir, her foster-sister was being cast out by their father for killing their brother Bjorn and trying to pin the blame on Helga.


So perhaps it's no great surprise when one of the delegates is murdered, or that Helga's soon tagged as the lead suspect. It doesn't take her long to clear her own name, but that only leads suspicion to fall on to her man.


Once again, Helga must solve a murder, and fast, before the innocent pays with his head.

Council (Helga Finssdottir #2) Snorri Kristjansson

  • Publisher: Quercus Publishing

    ISBN: 9781784298111

    Number of pages: 352

    Weight: 240 g

    Dimensions: 196 x 128 x 30 mm


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