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Meet Caltro Basalt. He’s a master thief, a selfish bastard, and as of his first night in Araxes, stone cold dead.


They call it the City of Countless Souls, the colossal jewel of the Arctian Empire, and all it takes to be its ruler is to own more ghosts than any other. For in Araxes, the dead do not rest in peace in the afterlife, but live on as slaves for the rich.


While Caltro struggles to survive and tries to reclaim his freedom, those around him strive for the emperor’s throne in Araxes’ cutthroat game of power.


The dead gods whisper from corpses. A soulstealer seeks to make a name for himself with the help of an ancient cult. A princess plots to purge the emperor from his armoured Sanctuary. And a resolute murderer drags a body across the desert, intent on reaching Araxes no matter the cost.


Only one thing is certain in Araxes: death is just the beginning.

Chasing Graves (Ben Galley)

  • Chasing Graves

    Grim Solace

    Breaking Chaos



    ISBN: 9780993517044

    Number of pages: 410

    Weight: 599 g 

    Dimensions: 13.97 x 2.62 x 21.59 cm


    Signed Bookplate Edition

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