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Here are the stories written on the Book of Blood. They are a map of that dark highway that leads out of life towards unknown destinations. Few will have to take it. Most will go peacefully along lamplit streets, ushered out of living with prayers and caresses. But for a few, the horrors will come, skipping, to fetch them off to the highway of the damned...


Gathered together for the first time in one volume, here are fifteen mind-shattering stories from the awesome imagination of World Fantasy Award winning author Clive Barker. They will take you to the brink - and beyond...

Books Of Blood Omnibus: Vol 1-3 (Clive Barker)

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 

    ISBN: 9780751510225 

    Number of pages: 512 

    Weight: 350 g 

    Dimensions: 199 x 133 x 34 mm



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