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The time has come for Domino and Gus to seize their destiny.
In the midst of life-changing decisions, Domino learns to live with his new clan and his betrothed, never forgetting the life he left behind. But in order to master his true nature, sacrifices must be made.
Hundreds of miles away, tormented by mysterious nightmares, Gus fights for survival in a world unforgiving to his kind. While challenging his own body and beliefs, he meets unexpected but most needed allies.
Once inseparable, now apart, Domino and Gus abandon their innocence while following opposite paths. Meanwhile, in the darkest recesses of the world, their enemies gather their forces to strike.

Through pain and loss, the two friends will discover the true color of their blood. 

Blood of Torbatt HB (C. J. Merwild)

  • Publisher: C.J. Merwild
    ISBN: 9782957453245
    Number of pages: 572
    Weight: 857 g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 x 40 mm




    May be subject to delays as this title is classed as Print on Demand

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