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Love. Betray. Fight. Ascend. In the much-anticipated conclusion to The Moontide Quartet, the fate of Urte will be decided on the mighty Leviathan Bridge.


Emperor Constant is finally ready to conquer the world.


As Alaron and Ramita struggle to recover the key to the Ascendants' magic as well as one of Ramita's infant sons, Queen Cera must fight to take the reins of power and Seth Korion's Lost Legions desperately search for safety while trapped between two massive armies.


The time has come for the Rite of Ascendancy to be performed, and for new powers to rise to save - or damn - Urte.


The Moontide is ending.

Ascendant’s Rite (David Hair)

  • Publisher: Quercus Publishing 

    ISBN: 9781784290399 

    Number of pages: 848 

    Weight: 562 g 

    Dimensions: 198 x 131 x 51 mm



  • Mage’s Blood

    The Scarlet Tides

    Unholy War 

    Ascendant’s Rite 

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