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Inspired by Korean history and myths, this rich and evocative high-stakes fantasy is perfect for fans of GALLANT and SIX CRIMSON CRANES.


A crown princess.
A monster the gods fear.
A destiny no one can outrun.


Mirae was meant to save her queendom, but the ceremony before her coronation ends in terror and death, unlocking a strange new power within her and foretelling the return of a monster even the gods fear. Amid the chaos, Mirae's beloved older brother is taken-threatening the peninsula's already tenuous truce.


Desperate to save her brother and defeat this ancient enemy before the queendom is beset by war, Mirae sets out on a journey with an unlikely group of companions while her unpredictable magic gives her terrifying visions of a future she must stop at any cost.

And Break the Pretty Kings (Lena Jeong)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 9780008622848
    Number of pages: 448
    Weight: 680 g
    Dimensions: 240 x 159 x 40 mm




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