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Keahzztaoom and Doômess are two young Rajë who are about to embark on a fool’s errand to rescue the town of Rishkai from claws of the ancient Baaleks. With only their gifting and the Inner Silence to guide them, the men know it is their duty as Rajës to extinguish the dark and save who they can. But they just don’t want to die trying.


To reach the town unseen they must cross the dreaded Wundrain forest, a dangerous place full of magic, mystery, and beasts. Although time is of the essence, the Wundrain does not respect time or space. After ignoring a warning from an aging farmer living on the edge of the forest, Keahzztaoom and Doômess plod on horseback into the Wundrain where uncertainty awaits. As they meet creatures of glory from the unknown, both men know that no one approaches the world of fairy and remains unchanged. Now only time will tell if they can rescue the people of Rishkai before it is too late.


An Otherwise Silent Sea is the tale of two young men and their dangerous journey of prayer, hope, and uncertainty as they embark on a quest to save a town from an ancient evil force.

An Otherwise Silent Sea: A Fairy Tale PB (Todd Towers)

  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
    ISBN: 9798823023436
    Number of pages: 202
    Weight: 304g 
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm



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