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The Tungrians have no sooner returned to Rome than they find themselves tasked with a very different mission to their desperate exploits in Parthia.


Ordered to cross the river Rhenus into barbarian Germany and capture a tribal priestess who may be the most dangerous person on the empire's northern border, they are soon subject to the machinations of an old enemy who will stop at nothing to sabotage their plans before they have even set foot on the river's eastern bank.


But after their Roman enemy is neutralised they face a challenge greater still.


With two of the Bructeri tribe's greatest treasures in their hands they must regain Roman territory by crossing the unforgiving wilderness that was the graveyard of Roman imperial strategy two hundred years before. And capture by the Bructeri's vengeful chieftain and his warband can only end in one way - a horrific sacrificial death on the tribe's altar of blood.

Altar of Blood (Empire #9) Anthony Riches

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

    ISBN: 9781444732054

    Number of pages: 416

    Weight: 295 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 28 mm


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