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How does the opportunity ever arise for one person to alter the destiny of a world?


As the nations of Angall move closer to a Holy War, the four Illborn are to face momentous challenges, while seeking answers about who they are and what their growing powers mean.


After Arion and Allana are drawn to opposing sides in the coming conflict, their mutual obsession threatens to bring ruin to them both. In Arlais, Leanna finds herself a target of both the Holy Church and of the killers who are closing in on her. And in Karn, Corin must respond to a deadly new peril, whilst coping with the devastating aftermath of the attack on his wife.


How will the choices and actions of the four shape each of their destinies? Only this much is certain; the mysteries of the Gate and of their dreams still await them, and there will be no peace for the Illborn.


Aiduel’s Sin is the thrilling and emotive second instalment of The Illborn Saga, the acclaimed epic fantasy series by Daniel T. Jackson.

Aiduel's Sin (Daniel T. Jackson)

  • Publisher: Troubador Publishing

    ISBN: 978-1803135915

    Number of pages: 704

    Weight: 788 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm



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