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Once a warrior queen, now a pariah among her own people, Cold Zosia wakes in the ashes of a burning city. Her vengeance has brought her to this - her heroic reputation in tatters, her allies scattered far and wide and her world on the cusp of ruin.


General Ji-Hyeon has vanished into the legendary First Dark, leaving Sullen alone to carry out the grim commands of a dead goddess. The barbarian Maroto is held captive by a demonic army hell-bent on the extermination of the Crimson Empire, and only his protege Purna believes he can be saved.

Zosia must rally her comrades and old enemies one last time for a battle that will prove the greatest of her many legends . . . if anyone lives to tell of it.



A War in Crimson Embers (Alex Marshall)

  • A Crown for Cold Silver 

    A Blade of Black Steel 

    A War in Crimson Embers 

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group 

    ISBN: 9780356505756 

    Number of pages: 736 

    Weight: 492 g 

    Dimensions: 131 x 200 x 46 mm


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