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How far would you go to resurrect someone you love? Would you change who you are to show you belong?


The world of Avarin is tearing itself apart. The Domain worships life, its rulers lead eternal lives and death is a shame that must not be mourned. For the clans to the south, however, death is all that keeps the Earth alive.


But old enemies are rising.


A madness spreads throughout the Domain, and Lynn, a rogue warrior in hiding, might be the only one who knows how to fight it, while Adrian, a Domain prince seeking to bring his dead loved ones to worthiness, leads the Domain armies against the madmen.


The clans suffer a madness of their own. As the land itself begins to wither away, Nasha, a cursed hunter and lifelong outcast, desperately fights for belonging in the Ronar, while her clan seeks to heal the land.


Old beliefs will be challenged as the people of Avarin fight to save it... before death comes for them all.


A sweeping epic fantasy saga where religion and politics are one, magic brings terror into the hearts of men, and a looming blight threatens to tear everything down.


Book 1 of The Ashes Of Avarin Series

A Touch Of Light HB - Numbered Edition (Thiago Abdalla)

  • Publisher: Alterian Press 
    ISBN: 9781957237039 
    Number of pages: 460 
    Weight: 844g 
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 x 30 mm

    Signed & Numbered (Limited To 150)


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