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'The lion charged. He came straight at them out of the thicket as his mate had done, but even more swiftly, driven by the agony in his belly and the black rage that filled him. He came grunting like a locomotive at full throttle, and they were unprepared. Hunters. Hunted.'


Sean Courtney, ex-guerilla fighter in the Bush War, is now a man of peace, leading hunting safaris in Zimbabwe for wealthy men. His current client is Riccardo Monterro, a strong-headed man whose beautiful, strong-minded daughter Claudia has reluctantly accompanied him on the search for the greatest of all trophies: the old bull elephant Tukutela.


But the elephant, and Riccardo's obsession, will lead them over the border into a Mozambique still devastated by civil war. What began as a rich man's holiday will become a desperate battle for survival - and Sean must help them escape the most dangerous predator of all: Man


A Courtney series adventure - Book 4 in The Burning Shore sequence

A Time to Die (Courtney #8) Wilbur Smith

  • Publisher: Zaffre

    ISBN: 9781785766749

    Number of pages: 608

    Weight: 439 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 34 mm


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