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Avarin tumbles into madness through the shattered ruin of a centuries-old peace.

As griffin riders clash against airships above and hordes of madmen below, Lynn finds herself surrounded by enemies. Ones that will test the limits of her faith. To defeat them, she must risk everything… including her sanity.

Adrian has lost the Legion, but new magics on foreign shores might be the answer he needs to rebuild his army. His return to the Domain will bring vengeance, and the hope that he will finally prove himself to his father.

Nasha’s curse has taken on a new, terrifying shape. She dreads it could be just what the dead goddess needs to escape from Her prison within the Silent Earth. Will she be strong enough to resist, or will Nasha’s curse give rise to the monster she fears to become?

Madness is spreading and it cares not for the borders of men.

Book 2 of The Ashes Of Avarin Series

A Shade Of Madness HB - Numbered Edition (Thiago Abdalla)

  • Publisher: Alterian Press 
    ISBN: 9781957237084
    Number of pages: 496 
    Weight: 894g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 x 30 mm

    Signed & Numbered (Limited To 150)


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