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Cadreal is the capital of Fermantia and the centre of the realm's power, an empire to strike fear into the heart of opposing nations—but could a motivated killer bring the giant to its knees?


Prince Leander is frustrated with his present position, always keeping one eye on the future. He's never short of grand plans, but just how true can he remain to his principles? And will the elusive Cadreal Killer let him live to see his ambitions realised?


In a ruthless land where wealth and power are controlled by only a few self-interested men, motives abound and no one is safe.

A Killer And A King HB - Numbered (Tom Dumbrell)

  • Publisher: Self-Published
    ISBN: 9781068653612
    Number of pages: 232
    Weight: 800g 
    Dimensions: 152 x 228 mm

    Hand-Signed and Numbered

    Limited To 100 Copies


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