'Watchmen is peerless.' - Rolling Stone

DC Comics presents a special, new edition of the Watchmen trade paperback, complete with recolored cover art by artist extraordinaire Dave Gibbons.

One of the most influential graphic novels of all time and a perennial bestseller, Watchmen has only grown in stature since its original publication.

Watchmen redefined superhero conventions and re-introduced comics to an adult audience with a gripping, labyrinthine piece of comic art. Rorschach, a half-psychotic vigilante must convince his ex team-mates, now middle-aged and retired, that he has uncovered a plot to murder the remaining superheroes - along with millions of innocent civilians...Even reunited, will the remnants of the Watchmen be enough to avert a global apocalypse?

With a powerful storyline masterfully told by comics supremo Alan Moore and beautifully rendered artwork by the talented Dave Gibbons - this is the one that started the graphic novel revolution and is definitely not one to miss!

Along with a new cover by Gibbons, this volume features the high-quality, recoloured pages from Watchmen: The Absolute Edition, restored by WildStorm FX and original series colourist John Higgins

Watchmen (Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons)

  • Publisher: DC Comics 

    ISBN: 9781401248192 

    Number of pages: 448 

    Weight: 731 g 

    Dimensions: 259 x 169 x 23 mm 

    Edition: International Edition