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*Please note that there will be delays in shipping times as this is a print-on-demand title.


When the city of Valentine loses power, an android named Bit tries to help restore it. Through old recordings documenting the relationship between two young girls, Bit learns of a possible new power source in a distant, unknown town and sets out to find it.

Along the way, she encounters different human communities, learning about the world outside of her home and what it means to survive.

Through love, loss, friendship, and beauty, an android sent to save her home finds the world is more complicated than she was programmed to believe.

Wardenclyffe (Lloyd Hall)

  • Publisher: Lloyd Hall
    ISBN: 9781737391906
    Number of pages: 238
    Weight: 195 g
    Dimensions: 178 x 108 x 14 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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