Horror has a name. You'd never notice the man. He doesn't like to be noticed. He's quiet. Calm. If someone were to shoot him in the head... all he'd do is die. Until night falls - and someone else gets up again. The man's name is Banner. The horror is the Immortal Hulk. And trouble has a way of following them both. As Bruce Banner struggles to control the undying monster within, he finds himself hunted by his old friends and allies. But there are more sinister forces at work. Something terrible has infected Banner. A dark infection with unspeakable plans for humanity. The problem is only the Immortal Hulk knows about it. The Hulk is the one thing standing between the world of the living - and the terrors that await on the other side of the Green Door. Collecting Immortal Hulk #1-15 & Avengers #684.

The Immortal Hulk Omnibus Vol 1 (Al Ewing & Mark Waid)

  • Publisher: Panini Publishing Ltd 

    ISBN: 9781846533600 

    Number of pages: 388 

    Weight: 1134 g 

    Dimensions: 260 x 170 mm