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She's on the run. They're out to kill.
But what happens when you catch a hunter?


Ree is a woman with a violent past - a past she thought she'd left behind. After years of wandering, she and her niece Javani have finally built a small life for themselves at the edge of the known world.


But sometimes the past refuses to stay there, and Ree's is about to catch up with her. This time, there will be blood.


For the land is in turmoil and professional killers have arrived in their town looking for an older woman and child, setting off a desperate chase through deserts, mountains, and mines. Ree will have to discover her former self if she is to keep them both alive.

From a master of modern fantasy comes a new thrilling trilogy, full of intrigue, bloodthirsty stakes - and a heroine who just won't quit.

The Hunters (David Wragg)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 9780008533724
    Number of pages: 384
    Weight: 600 g
    Dimensions: 240 x 159 x 38 mm



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