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The Adriatic Sea, AD 45. Cato and Macro, centurions of the Roman army, are horrified to learn that they face possible execution after the death of their commanding officer. Fortunately, the Emperor's secretary is willing to offer them an alternative: to join the marines and hunt down a band of brutal pirates who are decimating not only Rome's reputation, but also a critical supply chain.


As they discover the true horror of battle at sea, Macro and Cato must also remember their real mission: to recover from those pirates a set of scrolls that hold secrets vital to the future of the Roman Empire. Rome will do anything to get them back...

The Eagle’s Prophecy (Eagles of the Empire #6) Simon Scarrow

  • Publisher: Headline Publishing Group

    ISBN: 9780755350001

    Number of pages: 432

    Weight: 341 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 139 x 25 mm


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