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Silbrey returns to the port city where she was first taught to kill. While there, she discovers there is more to her troubling past, something magical and foreboding, far beyond the familiar cobbled streets. Silbrey must decide if she'll take her revenge against the cruel guildmaster who trained her - or is mercy even an option?


What begins as a fairy tale transforms into a sweeping multi-generational epic about love and loss - and a woman with a strange connection to the natural world.


The Dryad's Crown collects books 1-9 of the original Kindle ebook series. The text has been revised.

The Dryad's Crown (David Hopkins)

  • Publisher: Seven Coins Media
    ISBN: 9798218186432
    Number of pages: 618
    Weight: 800g
    Dimensions: 210 x 140 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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