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COMING 28/04/2022


Gods, demons and dragons collide in one final epic battle in The Discord of Gods, the unmissable conclusion to A Chorus of Dragons by Jenn Lyons.

One curse. One man. One destiny.

Relos Var's plans to enslave the universe near completion. All that stands in his way is the demon Xaltorath - or so he believes. For Kihrin could still alter the course of this war, despite being caught between these two masterminds. Yet he's playing the most dangerous of games, as he appears to assume his prophesied role: as a destroyer, the sun eater, a mindless, remorseless plague upon the land. All this, while still protecting his allies and those he loves.

But even as Kihrin seeks an eleventh-hour reprieve for the universe, his body threatens to betray him. He's grappling with the aftereffects of a corrupted magical ritual, one that twisted both him and the last dragons. Worse, he's now bound to the avatar of a star - a form that's becoming catastrophically unstable. All of which means he's running out of time.

After all, some stars fade . . . but others explode.

The Discord of Gods is the fifth and final book in Jenn Lyons' epic fantasy series A Chorus of Dragons, which starts with The Ruin of Kings.

The Discord Of Gods HB (Jenn Lyons)

  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
    ISBN: 9781509879632
    Number of pages: 528
    Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm

    Weight: 400g