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Following on from D.W. Ross' debut novel Cold From The North, The Darkest Dusk is the next instalment of the adventures of Ogulf Harlsbane and his allies as they attempt to thwart the advances of malevolent forces trying to take over the realm of Gelenea.


Battle lines are drawn all over the continent as the march of The Order of Maledict continues, Ogulf and his companions must summon magical weapons which have the potential to even the odds, and all the while powerful new players emerge among the fray, bringing with them vast armies and new abilities as the struggle for control intensifies.


With the fate of the world in the balance - can they march of the Onyxborn be stopped?


The Darkest Dusk (D.W. Ross)

  • Publisher: Ross Wilson 

    ISBN: 9781916881815

    Number of pages: 482 

    Weight: 857 g 

    Dimensions: 12.7 x 3.07 x 20.32 cm


    Signed Bookplate Edition

  • Cold From The North

    The Darkest Dusk

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