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Sometime in the mid 1970’s, Johnny and his younger sister, Cot, doggedly investigate the murder of their teacher, Miss Theda Holly, whom 15-year-old Johnny loved, with a burning love. They live in the Heart-Shaped Forest, in a logging town called Copeland, in an unnamed part of the American North. No one else, not the police, not the people of Copeland, nobody, seems very interested in solving the murder. Teaming up with Miss Holly’s brother, Eli, Johnny and Cot are drawn into a deeper mystery than they had ever imagined, a mystery with world-shaking implications.


2017 Minnesota Book Award Finalist in the Category of Genre Fiction

“This undeniably original book centers on a mystery in a very unique small town. The end result is a gripping read. From the handmade cover to the never ending twists in the story, this book is a deserving finalist.” – Minnesota Book Awards Judge

The Born And The Made (Robert Spande)

  • Publisher: Bowkers
    ISBN: 9781959283027
    Number of pages: 498

    Weight: 490g
    Dimensions: 203 x 127 mm


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