For months, perhaps years, he has crawled in the shadows, manipulating events from afar. Mysterio and Norman Osborn have both known his chilling presence. Now the demon known as Kindred is finally ready to take his revenge - not on Spider-Man, but on Peter Parker! And he's resurrected one of Spidey's most disturbing foes, the fanatical Sin-Eater, to help him carry out his grand plans! Learn the secret history of the Sin-Eater, as he embarks on a collision course with Spidey that will have you quaking in your seat. Spider-Man's world is about to explode, and this is where the fuse is lit... Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #44-47, Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising (2020) #1.

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 9: Sins Rising (Nick Spencer & Kim Jacinto)

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics 

    ISBN: 9781302920241 

    Number of pages: 1 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 mm