Spider-Man just took the beating of his life  and that's only the beginning! Kindred  the mystery villain who has been plaguing Peter Parker's life from the shadows is stepping out on stage for the first time, and Spider-Man is not ready for the havoc that will result. Now the wall-crawler must seek out the aid of one of his oldest allies: Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. But it's not going to be enough! To take the fight to Kindred, will Peter be forced to consider the unthinkable? If you think you've seen a brutal Spider-Man fight before, you are wrong. This one is going to change the way you look at Spidey  and the way Peter Parker looks at himself! Collects Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #50-55.

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 11: Last Remains (Nick Spencer & Patrick Gleason)

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics 

    ISBN: 9781302925871

    Number of pages: 112 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 mm