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A storm’s coming, and it’s time to go home. But home isn’t always where you think it is.

As rescue looms, the teenage castaways face new decisions and changing alliances. It’s not plain-sailing on New Earth either, where Captain Juno Washington faces a blatant challenge to her authority.

As the dangers increase and stories collide, everyone has a choice to make. Be part of something or strike out on your own? Make plans or break promises?

All the Odyssey Earth characters combine for one final, unforgettable adventure, as they look for a place to call home.

And one thing’s for sure. If you want a happy ending, you need to put your trust in the people you love.


Odyssey Earth Series Book 3

Star Bound (Rex Burke)

  • Publisher: Jules Brown
    ISBN: 9781916694033
    Number of pages: 354
    Weight: 398g
    Dimensions: 135 x 198 x 28 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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