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The mighty slave army, led by Spartacus, has crushed all before it, scattering the legions of Rome. Now invincible, he marches towards the Alps and freedom.


But storm clouds are growing on the horizon. Crassus, the richest man in Rome, has raised an army to rival Spartacus, and there are murmurings of rebellion in Spartacus' own army.


Spartacus, on the brink of glory, must make a crucial decision - to go forward over the Alps to freedom, or back to face the might of Rome and try to break its power forever.

Spartacus: Rebellion (Spartacus #2) Ben Kane

  • Publisher: Cornerstone

    ISBN: 9781848092341

    Number of pages: 528

    Weight: 382 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 27 mm


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