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The fifth book in the page-turning SPELLSLINGER fantasy series.


Kellen and Reichis have just finished fighting a duel in the desert when Kellen inadvertently smears blood on the Daroman flag - an act of treason for which the Marshals have no choice but to arrest him. J


ust before he's put before the Queen to be executed, Kellen is given a strange piece of advice from one of his fellow prisoners: kill the Queen and he'll be given clemency by those who take power. But when Kellen comes face-to-face with the eleven year-old monarch, he realises she's vastly smarter than he expected - and in a great deal more danger.


Perfect for fans of The Dark Tower, Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy, Terry Pratchett, Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher.

Queenslayer (Spellslinger #5) Sebastien de Castell

  • Publisher: Hot Key Books

    ISBN: 9781471405488

    Number of pages: 480

    Weight: 348 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 26 mm


    Signed Bookplate Edition

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