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The threads of fate are not so easily unwoven.

There is a growing fascination among the Dusk Tribe with the land of the dead. The Tribe's shamans work tirelessly day and night to find a path to communion with their people's lost souls, but answers are slow to uncover.

As both the son of a shaman and the Tribe's only Futureseer, Zarrow is ordered to view the days and weeks ahead to reveal the source of the Tribe's successful discovery, but when he does so, he finds not celebration, but destruction. Devastation. Sacrifice. And those closest to him bloodied by it all. Zarrow must find a way to prevent his visions from coming to pass, and he must do so quickly.

For the pale night approaches, and it promises a curse that may leave the Dusk Tribe forever haunted.


The Spellbinders And The Gunslingers Book 0.5

Pale Night, Red Fields (Joseph John Lee)

  • Publisher: Eclipseborn Publishing
    ISBN: 9798986383361
    Number of pages: 80
    Weight: 127g
    Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition