The super heroes have fallen. The country has been divided into territories controlled by super villains. Among the wastelands lives Clint Barton - one of the few Avengers to survive. But it's been 45 years, and he's no Avenger. Trying to eke out a living any way he can, the former Hawkeye is confronted with a startling discovery: the sharpshooter is going blind. With time running short, Clint realizes there's one last thing he wants to see: revenge for his fallen comrades-in-arms. Rising-star writer Ethan Sacks and superstar artist Marco Checchetto take you back to the Wastelands in a story set five years before the original classic Old Man Logan.

Old Man Hawkeye Vol 1: An Eye For An Eye (Ethan Sacks & Marco Checchetto)

  • Publisher: Panini Publishing Ltd 

    ISBN: 9781846539091 

    Number of pages: 136 

    Dimensions: 260 x 170 mm