In a world where all the fictions ever written coalesce to a mosaic of history, it's 1975. Janni Dakkar, pirate queen of Lincoln Island and head of the fabled Nemo family, is 80 years old and reportedly in psychological ill health. Pursuing shadows from her past or her imagination, she embarks on what may be a final voyage down the vastness of the Amazon, a last attempt to put to rest the spectres of her blood-drenched past. In River of Ghosts, Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill steer their fifty-year long Nemo trilogy to its remarkable conclusion.

Nemo Vol 3: River Of Ghosts (Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill)

  • Publisher: Knockabout Comics 

    ISBN: 9780861662333 

    Number of pages: 56 

    Weight: 375 g 

    Dimensions: 265 x 175 mm 

    Edition: UK Edition