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In the old world there were many rules.


In the new world there is only one that matters: don't open your eyes.


In the seventeen years since the 'creatures' appeared, many people have broken that rule. Many have looked. Many have lost their minds, their lives, their loved ones.


In that time, Malorie has raised her two children - Olympia and Tom - on the run or in hiding. Now nearly teenagers, survival is no longer enough. They want freedom.


When a census-taker stops by their refuge, he is not welcome. But he leaves a list of names - of survivors building a future beyond the darkness - and on that list are two names Malorie knows. Two names for whom she'll break every rule, and take her children across the wilderness, in the hope of becoming a family again…


"Malorie is… simply put, breathtaking. We don’t deserve her at all. Malerman owes us absolutely nothing and has given us everything. Beautifully written and emotionally gripping; a quintessential sequel." - FanFiAddict

Malorie (Josh Malerman)

  • Publisher: Orion Publishing Co 

    ISBN: 9781409193142 

    Number of pages: 320 

    Weight: 220 g 

    Dimensions: 196 x 128 x 28 mm



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