SHENANIGANS TO THE MAX! The award-winning graphic novel series continues as Molly makes a deal with a mysterious Voice in the woods surrounding Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types to slow down time, she isn't hoping for an endless summer. All she wants is more time to spend with her friends at camp, hiking, playing music, and having fun… what she doesn't bargain for is time starting to skip, freeze, and make campers' ages go haywire. Now, it's up to Roanoke Cabin to set time right again, and save camp! Then, in the aftermath of the time shenanigans set off by Jo's Mysterious Time Thingy, the Roanoke scouts are a little bit uneasy on their feet. It's up to Counselor Jen to rally the 'Janes, and to help them get back up and off adventuring again. She's got just the thing: a quest to seek out the most mysterious mythological monster of all… the mighty JACKALOPE!

Writers Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh (Super Cakes) and artist Ayme Sotuyo (Undivine) present the newest collection of stories from the New York Times bestseller and multiple Eisner Award and GLAAD Award-winning series, featuring danger, adventure, and life-long friendships! Collecs Lumberjanes #41-48.

Lumberjanes To The Max Vol 6 (Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh)

  • Publisher: Boom! Studios 

    ISBN: 9781684154944 

    Number of pages: 256 

    Weight: 930 g 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 x 23 mm