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You never get used to poisoning a child . . . 

Two years after a devastating siege tore the country apart, Silasta has recovered. But to the frustration of poison-taster siblings Jovan and Kalina, sworn to protect the Chancellor, the city has grown complacent in its new-found peace and prosperity. 

And now, amid the celebrations of the largest carnival the continent has ever seen, it seems a mysterious enemy has returned.

The death of a former adversary sets Jovan on the trail of a cunning killer, while Kalina negotiates the treacherous politics of visiting dignitaries, knowing that this vengeful mastermind may lurk among the princes and dukes, noble ladies and priests. But their investigations uncover another conspiracy which now threatens not just Silasta and the Chancellor but also their own family. 

Assassins, witches and a dangerous criminal network are all closing in. And brother and sister must once more fight to save their city - and everyone they hold dear - from a patient, powerful enemy determined to tear it all down . . .

Hollow Empire (SAM HAWKE)

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd 
    ISBN: 9781787631038 
    Number of pages: 560 
    Weight: 808 g 
    Dimensions: 242 x 160 x 48 mm




    Signed Bookplate 

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