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It’s the summer of ’97 and the repressed Scottish town of Pitlaw is itching for change. Enter the Freakslaw – a travelling funfair populated by deviant queers, a contortionist witch, the most powerful fortune teller, and other architects of mayhem. It doesn’t take long for the Freakslaw folk to infiltrate Pitlaw’s grey world, where the town’s teenagers – none more so than Ruth and Derek – are seduced by neon charms and the possibility of escape.

But beneath it all, these newcomers are harbouring a darker desire: revenge.


And as tensions reach fever pitch between the stoic locals and the dazzling intruders, a violence that’s been simmering for centuries is about to be unleashed…


A dark literary debut, brimming with sex, violence, and magic, Freakslaw is a queer hedonistic novel about facing our deepest desires, toxic masculinity, chosen family, and the risks it takes to become the person you want to be.


Visceral and gruesome, gaudy and fun, Freakslaw is like nothing you’ve read before.

Freakslaw (Jane Flett)

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
    ISBN: 9780857529541
    Number of pages: 304

    Weight: 500g
    Dimensions: 222 x 138 mm


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