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Fire Of The Dark Triad is a dark and compelling futurist tale of power lust, betrayal, and obsession.


The Dark Triads - a malevolent group of humans born with DNA that makes them dangerous - have wreaked havoc on Earth for centuries and nearly destroyed it. Its rulers tried to purify humans by removing these genes from future generations.


But the civilization faltered without the creative fire of the Dark Triads.


Earth recruited an elite group known as Headhunters to recruit Dark Triads from its intergalactic colonies back to Earth. Nick, the best of the Headhunters, on a routine mission, becomes entangled with a secret conspiracy that could change the human race forever. As fighting forces on two planets, he risks his life to prevent disaster and save the woman he loves.

Earth was in a crisis. Despite its highly advanced technology, the planet was dying from pollution, overpopulation, and constant wars. Its only hope was mass migration to the newly discovered system of replica planets known as Mirror Worlds. Hundreds of millions of settlers were dispatched to colonize these worlds under Earth's global authority. Earth renewed itself but allowed the colonized planets to fall into neglect. They rebelled and sent a devasting pandemic virus back to Earth, destroying over one-third of the population. After finding a cure and defeating the terrorists, Earth realized that this problem was caused by Dark Triads. Despite the chaos they brought, civilization and technology stagnated without their creativity and innovation.


In this unforgettable novel, Nick (the best Head) falls for Lita, a woman who rebels against the planetary rulers and becomes embroiled in an interplanetary plot that could jeopardize the future of humanity. Using his Dark Triad skills, he must fight against the conspiracy and save Lita.

Fire Of The Dark Triad (Asya Semenovich)

  • Publisher: BookBaby
    ISBN: 9781098365455
    Number of pages: 326
    Weight: 498 g
    Dimensions: 228 x 152 mm

    Signed Bookplate Edition


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