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From an unmissable voice in epic fantasy comes a sweeping tale of clashing guilds, magic-fueled machines, and revolution.

The nation of Torwyn is run on the power of industry, and industry is run by the Guilds. Chief among them are the Hawkspurs, whose responsibility it is to keep the gears of the empire turning. That's exactly why matriarch Rosomon Hawkspur sends each of her heirs to the far reaches of the nation.

Conall, the eldest son, is sent to the distant frontier to earn his stripes in the military. It is here that he faces a threat he could have never seen coming: the first rumblings of revolution.

Tyreta is a sorceress with the ability to channel the power of pyrestone, the magical resource that fuels the empire's machines. She is sent to the mines to learn more about how pyrsetone is harvested - but instead, she finds the dark horrors of industry that the empire would prefer to keep hidden.

The youngest, Fulren, is a talented artificer and finds himself acting as a guide to a mysterious foreign emissary. Soon after, he is framed for a crime he never committed. A crime that could start a war.

As the Hawkspurs grapple with the many threats that face the nation within and without, they must finally prove themselves worthy-or their empire will fall apart.


"Engines of Empire is proper epic fantasy; a world chock-full of monsters, magic, political machinations and a wonderful array of characters. If the world asked for a steampunk Elder Scrolls laced with Matthew Ward’s Legacy trilogy, Engines of Empire would be the result. Definitely going to be on my Best of 2022 list." - FanFiAddict

Engines Of Empire (R. S. Ford)

  • Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
    ISBN: 9780316629560
    Number of pages: 624
    Dimensions: 235 x 152 mm

    Weight: 617g


    Signed Bookplate Edition

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