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Goosebumps meets Stephen King at Edenville College, where an aspiring horror novelist takes a teaching job and soon finds a blood-soaked town history, a secret society in the library basement, alternate dimensions and people who might actually be spiders…

When young horror writer Cam Marion is offered a teaching opportunity at a prestigious liberal arts college upstate, his long-time girlfriend Quinn is skeptical. She knows the college is located in Edenville, in infamous Renfield County. The county where people seem to go missing. The county where Quinn's high school best friend was mysteriously killed. Quinn figures the job opportunity is a trap somehow, so she follows Cam upstate to investigate some of the county's mysteries (including her own).

She quickly discovers that there's an entire society dedicated to solving Renfield's many riddles. A society that puts on plays dedicated to Renfield's macabre, blood-soaked history. A society that meets in the library basement once a week. A society made up of people who might not be people at all....Meanwhile, Cam discovers that his newest story idea isn't an idea so much as it is a vision of another world. A world that the faculty at Edenville College need his help to access before it accesses them.

Edenville (Sam Rebelein)

  • Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
    ISBN: 9781803364681
    Dimensions: 198 x 130 mm



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