The DAWN OF X reaches a pivotal point in its evolution. In X-Men, the Krakoan leaders show humanity exactly what real power looks like and Beast of X-Force takes matters into his own hands when a piece of new technology threatens the new nation. As the battle of Madripoor rages, the Marauders can count themselves lucky to have two Omega-level mutants onboard. But when Apocalypse performs a ritual, Excalibur's throne of power changes hands as Cable turns on X-23, the repercussions may tear the Fallen Angels apart. And with Armor's squad of New Mutants in serious trouble, it's time to call in the cavalry but will that be enough to turn the tide? Collecting: X-Men (2019) #6, X-Force (2019) #6, Marauders #6, Excalibur (2019) #6, Fallen Angels (2019) #6 and New Mutants (2019) #6.

Dawn Of X Vol 6 (Jonathan Hickman & Leinil Francis Yu)

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics 

    ISBN: 9781302921613 

    Number of pages: 176 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 mm