Empyre and enemies strike the Dawn of X! X-Factor's first case is the disappearance of a mutant dancer at a prestigious ballet academy... in the Mojoverse! Helping young mutants in crisis ain't all sunshine and rainbows, and recently, it's been downright nightmarish - but maybe luck is changing for the New Mutants? The Hellions are up against the grand dame of the damned - Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen! Things are getting deadly on Krakoa, as the trees are killing the children! Plant people from outer space are invading the planet, and the X-Men are on the front lines! Meanwhile, ancient knights from another galaxy have targeted Cable...and he's got no choice but to give them what they want! COLLECTING: X-Factor (2020) #2, New Mutants (2019) #11, Hellions (2020) #3, X-Men (2019) #11, Empyre: X-Men (2020) #2, Cable (2020) #4.

Dawn Of X Vol 14 (Jonathan Hickman & Leinil Francis Yu)

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics 

    ISBN: 9781302927714 

    Number of pages: 168 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 mm