Will the Devil of Hell's Kitchen make his return? As Matt Murdock rekindles his alliance - and possibly more - with Elektra, New York Mayor Wilson Fisk works on some deadly allegiances of his own. But a war is building in Hell's Kitchen as Hammerhead makes his move, and the Owl takes his stab at the Kingpin! Matt Murdock must come to terms with what being Daredevil truly means. And he had better do it soon, as a new and deadly foe has arrived on the scene with a decisive strike - and all hell breaks loose in the Kitchen... Collecting: Daredevil (2019) #16-20.

Daredevil Vol 4: End Of Hell (Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Fornes)

  • Publisher: Marvel Comics 

    ISBN: 9781302925802 

    Number of pages: 1 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 mm