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For two years Osric has lived a simple life, though he is feared and shunned for his mysterious past and blood-red eye. When raiders from across the sea ransack his village, Osric finds himself taken prisoner by their chief, Sigurd the Lucky.


Immersed in the Norsemen's world and driven by their lust for adventure, Osric proves a natural warrior and forges a deep bond with Sigurd, who renames him Raven.


But the Norsemen's world is a savage one, where loyalty is often repaid in blood, and a young man must become a killer to survive...


Raven: Blood Eye is the first title in the Raven trilogy. The story continues in Raven: Sons of Thunder.

Blood Eye (Raven #1) Giles Kristian

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd

    ISBN: 9780552157896

    Number of pages: 464

    Weight: 315 g

    Dimensions: 198 x 127 x 29 mm


    Signed Bookplate Edition

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