In 1986, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli produced this groundbreaking reinterpretation of the origin of Batman - who he is and how he came to be. Written shortly after THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Miller's dystopian fable of Batman's final days, YEAR ONE set the stage for a new vision of a legendary character. A new softcover edition of one of the most important and critically acclaimed Batman adventures ever! In addition to telling the entire dramatic story of Batman's first year fighting crime, this collection includes loads of reproductions of original pencils, script pages, promotional art, unseen Mazzucchelli Batman art and more!

Batman: Year One (Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli)

  • Publisher: DC Comics 

    ISBN: 9781401207526 

    Number of pages: 144 

    Weight: 301 g 

    Dimensions: 259 x 168 x 8 mm