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China: 1200 A.D. 

In the fourth and final volume of Legends of the Condor Horoes, the first novel in the Condor Trilogy, Guo Jing is at last forced to make a choice between loyalty to the land of his birth and keeping faith with Genghis Khan, who has been like a father to him. As the Mongol armies descend on China, Jin Yong brings this most beloved of his novels to a thrilling conclusion, complete with vast battles, stirring heroism, heartbreak, triumph and loss.

This volume will be followed by the first volume in the second novel of the Condor Trilogy, Return of the Condor Heroes.

Translated from the Chinese by Shelly Bryant and Gigi Chang

A Heart Divided (Jin Yong)

  • Publisher: Quercus Publishing 
    ISBN: 9780857059604 
    Number of pages: 608 
    Weight: 400 g 
    Dimensions: 196 x 126 x 42 mm


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