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Something has walked the floors of the Ormen for over a century. Something that craves revenge...


1901. On board the Ormen, a whaling ship battling through the unforgiving North Sea, Nicky Duthie awakes. Attacked and dragged there against her will, it's just her and the crew - and they're all owed something only she can give them.


1973. Decades later, when the ship is found still drifting across the ocean, it's deserted. Just one body is left on board, his face and feet mutilated, his cabin locked from the inside. Everyone else has vanished.


Now, as urban explorer Dominique travels into the near-permanent darkness of the northernmost tip of Iceland, to the final resting place of the Ormen's wreck, she's determined to uncover the ship's secrets.


But she's not alone. Something is here with her. And it's seeking revenge...

A Haunting in the Arctic (C.J. Cooke)

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    ISBN: 9780008515959
    Number of pages: 384
    Weight: 480 g
    Dimensions: 222 x 141 x 36 mm




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